Kim A. Schidrich - Author of Inspirational Children's Stories
I'm excited to announce my book,
The New Puppy At The Pound  
was published as a paperback by CreateSpace
and as an e-book by AuthorHouse!!
My book is available online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and many other major book distributors!!
The New Puppy At The Pound is also available at my CreateSpace eStore
If you'd like to purchase a personalized and autographed copy of The New Puppy At The Pound click on the below Ebay link.  It's only $8.00!!  Makes a great gift!
The New Puppy At The Pound was meant to be an inspiring children's story.  I hope you'll agree!!
Whether you’re happy, lonely or feeling blue, just rrruuuufff and Kassie will be there for you. Read this delightful puppy's tale, and become Kassie's special puppy pal.
The New Puppy At The Pound is a delightful puppy’s tale where the main character Kassie invites the reader to become her special puppy pal. 
Whether the child is happy, lonely or feeling blue Kassie will be there for them.  
If the child is going through a difficult time they won’t feel alone. They will always have Kassie who has shared similar experiences.
This book is meant to inspire children to remain true to their values. 
Kassie is kind to the puppies who were mean to her. Through her kindness the puppies became her friend.


I really liked this book. RRRUUUUFFF!

I was really happy when Kassie got to go home with her new puppy pal!
The New Puppy At The Pound was illustrated and designed by Sherri Dewig.  You'll be sure to fall in love with her drawings and with Kassie!!
The book was edited by Stephen T. Mangiaracina (my editor and my dad). 
Ideally, I would love The New Puppy At The Pound to be an addition to all Elementary School Library and Public Library bookshelves.  If you know of anyone who acquires books for their school/public library kindly tell them about The New Puppy At The Pound.
Thank you for your encouragement and support!!
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